The questions below can help you better understand your coverage and what you will pay when you get health care. If you don’t know the answers to these questions, contact your insurance plan or provider.

  1. “How much will I have to pay for a primary care visit? A specialty visit? A mental or behavioral health visit?”

  2. “Would I have to pay a different amount if I see an “in-network” or “out-of-network” provider?”

  3. “How much do I have to pay for prescription medicine?”

  4. “Are there limits on the number of visits I can make to a provider, like a behavioral health provider or physical therapist?”

  5. “How much will it cost me to go to the emergency room if it’s not an emergency?”

  6. “What is my deductible?”

  7. “Do I need a referral to see a specialist?’

  8. “What services are not covered by my plan?”

Prevent health care fraud

If someone else uses your insurance card or member number to get prescription drugs or medical care, then they’re committing fraud. Help prevent health care fraud.

  • Never let anyone use your insurance card.
  • Keep your personal information safe.
  • Call your insurance company immediately if you lose your insurance card or suspect fraud.